A Dawg's Dinner?

Our best rated beef based for pets is a great transition, supplemental and additional protein for any raw feeding diet! We do know though there are lots of pet lovers out there who haven't moved to raw feeding would like to use a high quality grass fed beef as part of their pet's diet so here is a list on how you can incorporate Brown Dawg's Best Beef Base.

Straight Up! We don't know a cat or dog who will turn their nose up at bowl full of Brown Dawg's Best Beef Base. You can check out the nutritional values of our beef along with the calorie content in the product pics. This can help you work out the quantity of protein your pet needs each day. We know they will give you the dreamy eyes and ask for more ...

Share the bowl! Pop some beef in with the other good stuff you give them. Add other protein, eggs, veges, fruit kefir, or a top quality vege mix. We don't give balanced diet advice - we suggest you check out Perfectly Rawsome on Facebook for expert advice. We grow great beef!

Lightly Cook! Raw isn't for everyone so feel free to lightly cook the beef if that is what your pet prefers. We do know that raw does have the best level of nutrients but if your pet hasn't eaten raw there is a transition process required. Make beef patties by throwing a couple of eggs in a mix and add some steamed veges.

Transition/Supplemental. You can be 100% certain our beef is high quality and the perfect part of transitioning your pup, dog or cat to raw feeding. We are the perfect side dish or topper!

We deliver to 48 States or if you are Augusta and surrounds based you can arrange a curbside pick up. You will also find us online at Evans Farmers Market and at Augusta Locally Grown




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