All fillet, no filler ... pet food with zero grain

When starting out to create a new pet food we took a look at what pet owners were wanting.

We discovered a few things:

1. No grain (and no additives, no preservatives, no antibiotic ... or imported ingredient)!

Quite a list, so, we needed to keep it simple. Thankfully we have a great source of protein that doesn’t need any packing up with grain. Pet lovers everywhere are becoming more aware of the list of additives and ingredients that have snuck into pet diets. Brown Dawg’s Best Beef Base has ZERO grain and zero of the rest of that list. Makes it easy for labelling ...

2. Dogs and cats are carnivores!

No surprise there really. Chances are your pet will thrive on protein and we have some awesome protein. In fact we use all the Prime Cuts which means our beef grind is packed with the best of the eye fillets through to the blade steaks. We also include the organ meat for added nutrition (taurine) and vitamins. This is why we say All Fillet, No Filler!

3. Pet people care how other animals are care for! We care too so we know exactly how and where our protein source comes from. We know how it’s raised and we know how and where it is processed. We have farms and farming partners, who care about and respect animals. Our animals are grass-fed, pasture raised and humanely raised on farms that apply environmentally positive practices.

We will share more about the “why” grass fed protein is so amazing and the difference between grass-fed and grass finished (and why it matters).

Now you know a little more about why we are zero grain ... we know it matters to your pet and we know why.




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