Augusta Local Pet Food Gets a BOOST

Updated: Mar 4

Brown Dawg Bites finds a local launch with Augusta Locally Grown.

We are super excited about being part of the Augusta Locally Grown online market starting from ... NOW! Tails are waggin' all over our house ... Lola is in a twirl. It's great to be part of the quality products offered through the market which enables local farms direct access to the ever growing conscious food purchaser.

Being online the market is open every week throughout the year. Order are taken from 12 noon on Fridays until 8:00pm on Sundays. Pick up is on Tuesdays at your choice of two different locations in Augusta. The market is part of the ever growing network of Locally Grown and brings quality products at good prices.

Check us out. You will find our Best Beef Base (currently a featured product ... woo hoo!) under Pet Products.

Remember to let your friends know you have discovered a pet food that is pure beef, no preservatives, additives, grains or imported ingredients.

Nothing but beef. All Fillet, No Filler





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