Changing your dog to raw? Add grass fed Georgia beef.

Starting the journey to feeding raw can be a bit overwhelming.

Feeding raw is something you have researched and read all the good stories about. You have heard about the shiny fur, the smaller pick up job (you know what I mean) and the happy dance at dinner time. You have probably already found some of our favourite research sites and groups - like Truth About Pet Food, Raw Feeding University and Raw Feeding Advice and Support on Facebook, and now you know it's time but sourcing the right products - at the right price - can be tricky.

When my family first discovered raw we tried a few things out and then realised the best stuff was right in our freezer. Grass fed beef from our farms.

Grass fed beef sounds like a definite add to the bowl right? Well it is and we can tell you why right here but, to be straight, it might stretch the budget ... so here's our suggestion. Add us in! We don't need to be the feature of your bowl but we know your bowl will be better with us in it. Why? Well, we use all the best cuts when building our beef base - All Fillet, No Filler. We use the eye fillet, the sirloin and the blade. Then we include the heart, liver, spleen and kidney, as that is full of taurine.

Now ... not many brands will do this. We do it because we believe great nutrition for animals and humans, comes from using all the best parts of an animal. When that animal has lived a life roaming on the grassy paddocks of Georgia we know its going to be full of all the necessary vitamins and essential minerals that comes from the sun and the grass.

So you might not need a lot of our beef but we know you need it. So pop us in the bowl as a supplemental part of your pets diet.

p.s well done on reading to here ... reward yourself with a 10% discount at our shop. Use the code IREADIT.




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