For the love of dogs.

Updated: Feb 20

Valentines Day is a great day for sharing the love. Who better to share it with than the puppy love of your life. Wether your love is named, Xena, Zoey, Zac or Lola or Coco, Valentine’s can be the day we stop a little and recognise the place dogs have in our lives.

Dogs deserve love.

Clearly we are super lucky to have these amazing furry, tail wagging animals in our lives. Their unending loyalty means they fulfil roles of best friend, supervisor, helper, security, rescue, lifesaver ... it’s a long list. Being a best friend to a human can be testing at times but dogs just get it right. Dogs deserve love ... maybe we don’t deserve dogs.

Show the love

Of course we deserve dogs right? Dogs and cats (yes we love them too) have taken a special spot in family life in recent years and they have managed to train us humans to treat them well. Valentines Day is a great day to show the love and we are pretty sure there will be lots of loved pups out there who get a little something extra this week. How about making it some grass-fed Georgia grown beef? Pop some beef in their bowl and show your best friend the love! Order here now and we will do our best to get it to you in time. Be quick! (If you miss this you might be in the dog box)

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