How do I know I have quality pet food?

Updated: May 3

Your pet is part of your family right? Often they go above and beyond what the closest human will ... they are our comfort and our joy. So it’s natural you want to be confident when you feed them and it’s difficult to interpret pet food labels and truly know where the ingredients comes from. So here is a short list to help make sure you have quality pet food.

1. Keep it clean. Just like humans the less processed the better.

Brown Dawg has a single protein source - Georgia Grown grass fed beef - so that is keeping it as clean and simple as possible. Other brands also have single source and provide quality product. Watch out though for single source products where it isn’t easy to know where the protein comes from ... know your source ...

2. Know your source.

Farm raised, free range, humane raised. These are good things to look for on human products and pet product. Sunshine, fresh air, grass - that’s all that goes in to the Brown Dawg beef. Traceability and knowing where your food and your pet’s food comes ensures quality and sustainability.

3. Balanced vs filled with stuff you don’t need.

Bottom line grass fed beef costs more .... but more than what? Brown Dawg’s Best Beef base starts from a low $5.50lb and if pet parents hunt around for sure they will find cheaper product, but at what cost? Pure protein, well sourced, will cost more. To overcome the price point factor you will often find manufacturers create product with less protein and more filler ... veges and fruits and grains and goodness knows what else. Buying quality protein and adding the right extras for your pet will ultimately ensure value for money and confidence in knowing what you are feeding your pet.

4. Buy local.

Brown Dawg home delivers to 48 US States but we are Augusta, Georgia based and ar part of the farmer’s markets networks. We grow local, process local and sell local. When you buy local you not only support your community you are more likely to know exactly where your product has come from.

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