Memorial Day 2020 - Dogs are remembered too!

Memorial Day is a particularly solemn day of reflection in the United States as we take time to acknowledge and thank those who have died in service to our country.

Memorial Day is different to Veterans Day - where we show our gratitude to all who have served - in that it focuses on those who have died serving.

When it comes to service dogs there was a time not so long a go that dogs were viewed as military equipment. Thankfully that has changed. Thanks to those who served alongside dogs and knew their value and over time the United States government has, for some time, conferred rank on dogs and acknowledged the value of their service.

There are some great stories of dogs who have lost their lives in battle to be found. (Check out .

For us at Brown Dawg we would like to acknowledge those dogs who have served and lost their lives in the course of their service - along with their handlers. It is difficult in thinking of service animals on a day like Memorial Day to now not think of all the amazing service animals that are supporting veterans who are struggling with PTSD and all those animals who provide support for so many.

We are grateful to all this Memorial Day!



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