The Brown Dawg Story

Brown Dawg's real name is Zac. Zac is a loving, gentle brown labrador and until 2019 he happily ate his kibble and trusted his family knew what was good for him. When Brown Dawg's family discovered their kibble was part of a recall they took a closer look at what BD and his buddy LDL  (Little Dawg Lola) were eating. It wasn't good - confusing labels and questionable sources was just the beginning. Discovering feeding raw was an option, BD's family realised they had access to some of the best, grassfed, humanely raised beef in Georgia.  


Brown Dawg Bites may be a newcomer to the pet food market but we are not new to growing great beef and caring for animals. We come from a strong farming family and we even have a Dr of Animal Science as part of the pack. What is surprising is that we haven't been part of the creating awesome food for pets for years. 


We are keeping it simple - All fillet, no filler. We are committed to sourcing grassfed beef, raised humanely - which to us means free range 365 days every year. We #knowyoursource!


We have turned the corner in how we feed our animals and want you to have the same best beef base we do.