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  • Is raw beef mince good for dogs?

  • Can cats eat beef?

  • What is barf?

  • Is raw mince good for cats?

  • Why is grass-fed beef better for pets?

Find out in our Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

How much do I feed my dawg?

Brown Dawg Bites is committed to providing ultra premium quality beef. Although we have on our team a Dr of Animal Scence we understand dogs come in all shapes and sizes. We also understand you know your dog best. So, we have made a clear decision not to provide advice on feeding quantities or creating balanced diets. What we do suggest is that you speak with your vetinarian about your dog's diet. Ideally find a vetinarian who understands feeding raw and how to create a fully balanced, holistic diet for your dog. We also recommend if you are feeding raw to find appropriate facebook groups and communities (such as Raw Feeding Univeristy) to connect with others. There is a great deal of information out there.

How do I know what is in your pet food?

Our food is 100% beef. All fillet - no fillers. We also include the liver, spleen, kidney and heart all ground together. That's it. Our beef is processed at human grade facilities and farmed on certified humane farms. We use only grass fed, pasture raised, non-gmo beef. Its that simple.

What if my dog doesn't like beef?

We have heard rumours of dogs who dont eat beef but we have never seen the proof. If they don't love it then we are certain you can find a buddy who will. Knock us over with a feather if your best friend turns up their nose at this super yummy ground beef. We are pretty sure they will love this beef. To be honest our dogs have turned their noses up at the other beef products out there and we can't blame them.

I have a different question - how can I contact you?

We are building our list of FAQ - along with building our product line - so if you have a question please email us on hello@browndawgbites.com and we will answer you directly and add your question to this list.

What is in the Brown Dawg Best Beef Base?

It's all beef. Not just the cheap cuts either. Our beef is the best of the whole animal, the eye fillet, the sirloin, the rump and the heart, liver, spleen so you get the best of the best. Plus our farms grass feed all day every day. This means the best possible nutrition goes in from the start - natural for the animals and natural for your pet.

Is your raw beef mince good for cats?

Cats are obligate carnivores so feeding them a premium quality protein - particularly a grassfed beef is good for them. Find out more about cats and their need for meat in our blog.

What is BARF?

BARF is an anycronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. Essentially it means feeding your pet the type of food their phsyiology needs. This may require some research for your pet type, size, exercise regime. Brown Dawg is a raw beef pet mince. We use the all the best cuts in our mince - the eye fillet, sirloin, rump steak as well as organ meats. Grassfed too. This means your pet gets a great base to any meal you create. Packed with all the natural nutrients and minerals from the land and the sun ... and all that top cut meat adds flavour.