Brown Dawg makes the Perfectly Rawsome resource list.

Our tails are wagging! Lola is doing her (almost famous) twirl and Chief Dog Mom is feeling very pleased. Why? Because we got a "lick of approval" from the amazing Ronny of Perfectly Rawsome. Well to be fair - it was Ronny's Pica and Loki who did the taste test.

Brown Dawg is focused on delivering an amazing quality, grass-fed 100% beef grind to your pets and to have our product tested - licked and ticked - by Perfectly Rawsome is a great boost.

Ronny knows her stuff and has a clear ethos for helping pet parents. Perfectly Rawsome was founded in July 2015 to provide pet parents with trustworthy information on raw diets for dogs and cats and - as per their website they have a clear raw feeding mission:

  • Inspire: Inspire pet parents to feed their pet a raw, species appropriate, diet to improve health and wellness.

  • Provide: Provide science based and trustworthy information on how to feed dogs and cats a raw diet.

  • Create: Create relationships with farmers, butchers, and hunters to support a local economy and maintain a healthy pet.

  • Promote: Promote the proactive use of the meat industry in efforts to respect livestock and wild game.

Brown Dawg products fit in to all the above, in particular our commitment to sourcing from farms and farming partners who pasture raise and are committed to humane farming practices. We guarantee we know exactly where our livestock is farmed and how it is raised.

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