Dogs & Bones: A Bone of Contention

I love a bone. A big raw meaty bone can while away the day, give my teeth a clean and make me very happy.

My hoomans are careful though ... they give me large bones, as I am a big boy and they don't want any chunks getting stuck anywhere. They also never give me a cooked bone. In fact, my bones are always marrow, beef bones ... part of the perks of having a pet food Mom.

So, here are some 5 tips for your family when it comes to giving bones:

1. Keep it raw (with some yummy marrow when possible)

2. Big Dawg = Big Bone ... not dinosaur size but a decent chunk

3. Supervise the smaller dogs when eating bones, they love them just like me but lets keep them safe.

4. Don't let me chew it down to splintery bits that could get stuck

5. Check on my progress and take it away after three or four hours. (I know how said I will look, but be strong!) . Pop it in the fridge and let me have it again tomorrow.

6. Know where the bones come from - butcher bones beat the supermarket every time

e.g Brown Dawg's bones come from a small Georgia based butcher and are grass fed, pasture raised.

Bones are great. Great for my teeth as the chewing helps create saliva and that helps break up the plaque. Raw meaty bones - especially those grass-fed ones - have lots of nutrients and taste great. So, give your dog a bone ... but keep it raw and keep it safe.

Happy eating.

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