Doggy Dinners At Restaurants You Love

A dog at dinner in your favorite local spot has grown in acceptance in recent years. No more leaving Fido to mourn your absence while you catch up with friends and family.

Now, we do know things are a bit different in the human world of dining right now, but nothing wrong with some forward planning. We have discovered a range of Augusta local restaurants that welcome your fur family and further down our road in Atlanta, like the Brewhouse Cafe and Grindhouse Killer Burger.

What is your favorite local spot for dinner with your pup and pals? Do you have a menu recommendation?

In fact we are so excited about how the range of menu offerings for pups is increasing - from puppuccino's through to pup pops - that we think adding the main course of Brown Dawg's human-grade, Georgia grown beef, served steak tartare style or lightly cooked, might be a great option. We can see a place on many menus for a doggy treat, such as meatballs, a grass-fed beef mince bowl, or a trusty beef broth.

Has your best doggy local discovered us yet? Tag your favorites in our Instagram and next time you visit you may find Brown Dawg Beef on the menu.

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