Grass-fed beef for pets? Why paying more might be worth it.

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Grass-fed beef for pets costs more than the grain fed counterpart. There are definite benefits but what are they and how can you get value for money along with #healthypetfood ?

1. Know your source

To get the best value for your money when buying grass-fed beef for you or your pet, we suggest you know where it comes from. Whilst we are all getting better at reading labels - especially when it comes to pet food - labels can be deceiving. Often, “made in ...” doesn’t mean the ingredients come from the same place. We have to dig a little to know where our pet food is sourced.

To ensure we #knowyoursource Brown Dawg holds direct relationships with farms where the animals are grass fed and pasture raised. Going one step further, Brown Dawg works with a small local USDA processor to ensure traceability of animals and oversight. Our beef is human grade and we 100% guarantee we know exactly where our beef has been grown, processed and packed.

There is nothing but beef - Georgia grown - in our Brown Dawg Best Beef Base.

2. Grass-fed, grass finished, pasture raised, grain fed - does it matter?

It matters to us and here is why.

Our grass-fed animals are also pasture raised. This means they have the benefit of free ranging and grazing as suits them. Access to grass 24/7. The grass they graze is rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids and a range of nutrients and this is passed on to your pet in the our meat. Grass-fed beef rich in Omega 3 is accepted as having anti-inflammatory properties which has to be a good thing for our furry friends.

Grass finished usually means a few weeks of pasture grazing, adding weight to an animal without gaining the nutritional benefits of long term pasture based, grass feeding farming. Whilst grass finished may provide some extra nutrient boost, it is still primarily a grain fed animal.

3. Get value for money when buying grass-fed beef.

To get value for money our best advice is to #knowyoursource , where and how the beef is farmed and processed. Take a look at what might be different between brands - what is added and why. Sometimes low cost veges and grains are added to increase the quantity and appear to be better "value for money".

With Brown Dawg you get 100% beef - with the heart, spleen, kidney and liver for the extra taurine and nutrients. We don’t add vegetables - we leave it up to you so you know exactly what you are paying for. We recommend finding recipes and diet plans through experts like Perfectly Rawsome or Facebook groups such as Raw Feeding University.

Look for human grade, locally processed - it doesn’t have to be processed in your State but processing close to the source farm is a bonus. Doing these things will ensure you get great quality, versatile protein (you choose raw or lightly cooked) packed with nutrients.

Brown Dawg‘s Best Beef Base ticks all the boxes for value and quality, so pop some beef in their bowl!

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