Grass-fed beef: It's going to the dogs

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Grass-fed beef demands a premium price in the shops when buying it for humans, for good reason, and here we have our Brown Dawg grass-fed beef going to the dogs.

So what is so special about grass fed beef? Well, for one, it tastes great - humans and dogs agree.

Grass fed, pasture raised, animals (which is where our beef comes from) get to roam around a paddock, and graze at leisure. For cows, this is very important as they have four stomachs ... yep, four ... and each one has a different function. Now, I'm no scientist (one of my humans is though) so I won't get into specifics, but what I can share is that when cows have the time to graze when they want, then all the nutrients from sun and soil are stored in the meat. That's great for every pet.

Another benefit of pasture raising and grass feeding is it can be the basis of great farming practices. Pasture based farmers need to be very aware of their environment, of how their farming practices produce good milk, or good beef, and attention to land and animal sustainability is key. Regenerative farming keeps their stock healthy and productivity up, as well as ensuring the environment is sustainable.

Brown Dawg’s beef is human grade - but intended for pet consumption only. We process in USDA licensed facility In Georgia and can 100% trace our meat from farm through to delivery to you.

Grass-fed, traceable, human grade beef is what you find in our beef packs. When we say “All Fillet, No Filler thats because we include all the juiciest, vitamin and mineral packed prime cuts. Zero additives, no imported ingredient, no preservatives, no grains. Its all beef.

We believe good food for dogs (and cats) is something pet owners are looking for and we can deliver. Pop some beef in their bowl. Grab some here

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