The Natural Vitamin for your Pet = Liver.

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

The liver is a great addition - in fact, an essential - to a dog's diet.

The liver is a nutrient-rich protein. Even a small amount of liver three times per week can make a significant difference to your dog's diet. Our liver is grass-fed, which does offer a strong nutritional profile so, clearly, we recommend not only using our pet grind, which includes 7% organ meat but having one or two of our Liver Packs on hand for mixing in with other proteins.

Now, if you have ever worried that serving liver might be serving extra toxins (as the liver is the organ that filters toxins from bodies), let us put your mind at rest. The liver filters toxins and doesn't store them.

Liver over muscle meat has around six times more iron and 20 times more calcium - so there's a quick benefit. In fact, it has been referred to as nature's vitamin.

Brown Dawg's liver is human grade, Georgia Grown, and locally processed.

Raw or cooked, pop some liver in the bowl. Limited stocks.

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