Must have meat! Cats are Obligate Carnivores

I can guarantee you have noticed the lion inside your cat. The stretching, the imperial crouch, the lazing in the sun. Cat lovers everywhere recognize the lion like attributes of their furry friends; the sharp claws and the razor like teeth - which often show themselves in the middle of a belly scratch session.

One essential similarity not always recognized is the dietary requirements of lion and kitten. Both are obligate carnivores: they must have meat!

Now, while our domestic felines might tolerate not having meat regularly in their bowl the reaction from Leo the Lion might not be so considerate.

Obligate carnivores require meat to make the essential vitamins and fatty acids their bodies are unable to make the way herbivores or omnivores can. In fact the list of needs for an obligate carnivore includes, a need taurine - found in primarily in meat (and definitely found in grass fed beef from Brown Dawg) and a need for plenty of protein as their glucose is converted from protein.

The digestive system of a cat is short and well adapted to the consumption of raw prey reducing the change for bacteria to form. However, now, for many of our much loved felines, the opportunity hunt and consume a species appropriate diet is curtailed and there then exists the possibility they are missing essential parts of their diet.

Understanding the dietary needs of your cat or kitten could be the start of a new journey in raw feeding and providing quality, well sourced protein for your fur family.

Take a look at the Brown Dawg Bites website and try some of the best Georgia grown raw beef for your favorite feline!

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