My clean dawg's dinner

Looking for a perfect way to feed your dawg? Look no further than clean eating - it works for dogs and people.

The groomers are busy keeping your dog sparkling and fresh on the outside but what is going on internally? How can you keep your best friends insides as sparkly as the coat?

Less processed food; go fresh,fresh frozen and keep it local. Keeping it local reduces the time from farm to bowl.

Naturally we want y'all to buy our best beef base which is packed with grassfed goodness nutrition and nothing else. We also know you want to pop some other things in the bowl - it makes it look good. The list is long and the best advice we can give you if feeding clean and raw is new is to check out Perfectly Rawsome. We are very pleased to have the lick of approval from Ronny, plus at Brown Dawg we focus on creating a super good, clean, natural, raw beef for your pets.

So, if you want to keep your dawg clean on the inside and the out then start by popping some grassfed beef in their bowl. You can also polish those teeth up with some raw meaty bones. Whatever your protein choice, feeding less processed makes sense for people and makes sense for your pets too.

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