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Pet ownership is a joy. It is also a responsibility. Our pets are often more than companions, they take on many other roles: Service Dogs, Guide Dogs, Military, Disability support. Cats of course have pride of place on the couch and choose their own roles and level of participation in our lives!

So, when it comes to feeding and sourcing good quality food for our pets at an honest price it is often to Google we turn. But knowing which information or forum to trust can be a bit hit and miss. Who has the right information on raw feeding? Why is kibble getting a raw deal? How do I know where the protein I buy comes from? What is the right amount to feed?

At Brown Dawg we are very focused on providing a top quality, grassfed, Georgia grown ground beef (and soon we will be adding a beef pet treat!!) and in our little team we have an animal scientist who ensures our product is top notch and is exactly what we say it is. If you have questions about how we source, process or package that you can't find answered on the website then you can have your questions answered by our expert! (email:

For other information we recommend sources we have connected with and researched. Our favorite for all the best info on raw feeding is Perfectly Rawsome. Owner, Ronny LeJeune, is the raw feeding coach and mastermind behind Perfectly Rawsome ... we are very happy that Ronny's test team - Pica & Loki - have given us the lick of approval and you will find us listed here.

For great information about raw feeding, in an easy to read format we also love Amy Marshall's Primal Pooch. You will find a great list of places to source product.

If you are interested in understanding why so many pet owners are turning to a natural, species appropriate diet for their best friends check out Association for Truth In Pet Food

If you are Georgia local you'll be pleased to know we are proudly Georgia Grown - another great resource for farm fresh products you can add to your pet's bowl. Staying in Georgia two other great places to buy fresh and local is Augusta Locally Grown and Evans Market Columbia.

We will be gradually building our list of trusted resources and adding a Trusted Pals page for easy reference. If you have trusted resource, a vet you know who is open to a species appropriate diet, a groomer you know and trust, an independent pet store who loves to stock great local food, a blog you can trust or a market you love, help us build a strong list by emailing us at and we will take a look.

In the meantime, we hope this is a helpful start to a better bowl for your best buddy!

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