Pet lovers ... Are you spending your money where it matters?

Pet lovers lavish their pets with the best of toys, beds, snacks, training, treats, grooming, boarding, pet sitting, collars, leads, and, of course, the best food ... right?

We all want our pets to have the best nutrition to suit their needs but finding the right food is complicated - and the main stream pet food makers are pretty happy for you to believe you are getting the best of the best ... and maybe you just aren't.

As we now spend more on our pets than ever before it is alarming that pets are suffering more ailments - potentially related to nutrition - than ever before. A few decades back, before the pet industry discovered how to process and "pack" dry food with ingredients that sound great for your pet, our fury friends pretty much ate real food - they ate what their family ate. Then, along with our own uptake of processed foods, we discovered we could feed our pets "balanced meals" with dry food ... and do it for less dollars. There was a change in how we fed our pets and there was a gradual shift in our ownership of pets - while we had always seen them as family, we kicked that idea up a notch or two and pets became our constant companions, our comfort and our "pride and joy".

This is great for pets - and its been great for the pet food business. The pet industry is a very lucrative business for the major pet food producers and they rely on long lists of ingredients and strong marketing to make pet lovers feel confident. But sometimes, less is more. Just like humans, it is becoming clearer and clearer that less processed, more holistic and natural forms of pet nutrition is just simply better.

Dog and cats need protein. Raw or lightly cooked red meat (we have tendency to suggest beef) ... provides the protein without losing the nutritional value. For flavor and variety and the important "balance" there are many natural additives you can pop in their bowl right from your own kitchen - vegetables of any type as well as corn, beans, pumpkin, sweet potato, fruits, yoghurts, kefir, rice, coconut and coconut oil - in fact, check out the multitude of recipes available across the internet (we like How to Make Homemade Dog Food and Kiss Kibble Goodbye.

Achieving nutritional balance - over time, not necessarily every meal - requires a good protein, such as grass-fed, Georgia grown, beef - you might pay more, but you may need less ... and you will be spending your pet loving money where is matters most - on feeding your best friend the best you can.

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