Seriously Raw Feeding?

As more people turn to a raw feeding model for their pets, finding and sourcing great quality protein becomes essential.

Brown Dawg offers a custom order service for exactly this reason. We give our customers (and their best friends) the option to pre-order in line with our processing. We are about to make another processing run shortly so if you have a specific quantity or cut of meat you are after for your buddy then now is the time to get in touch. Pricing is provided prior to confirming your needs and delivery requirements.

Of course we need to give our protein another plug while we have you here ... grass-fed, Gerogia grown, processed and packed. This is truly a farm to bowl product. We can 100% guarantee we know how our beef is cared for and how they spend their lives - outside 24/7 grazing sweet green grass.

So, if you know someone, or if you are doing some seriously raw feeding that is above what we currently stock then let us know by email at

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