Shiny coat warning!

Raw feeding has a few definite side affects. Meals times can be super exciting and shiny coats are can be blinding. (Just joking about the blinding ... but they can sure be bright).

We started feeding our German Shepherd raw a few years ago after noticing she was very sad ... yep, we had a depressed doggy on our hands. Some serious 'googling' followed and the discovery of raw feeding. Within days of transitioning we had a different dog ... it was the first of a few side affects (a great one being a lot less back yard clean up!)

Meal times became exciting for us and our GSD. Seriously, this dog could now tell the time ... and wasn't shy of giving us a big nudge to hurry up with the food at the same time every day. So, you could say another side affect of feeding raw is the ability for dogs to tell time!

Next thing we noticed was the shiny, shiny coat. We kind of think she noticed too as there was a definite up tick of doggy pride after a good brushing.

From our early days of raw feeding through to now when we are producing a great ground beef from the farms in Georgia a shiny coat has been the side affect we notice is talked about most from those new to raw feeding. So be warned ... a move to raw feeding may result in the shiniest coat you have ever seen.

No need for the cucumber ... just grab some Brown Dawg Beef from our online shop. We are a farm to bowl producer of great, healthy pet food.

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