Steak for your pet? Nothing but the best from this pet food producer.

Who can possibly afford to feed the best of grassfed prime steak to their pets? Well, now, thanks to Brown Dawg Bites you can.

With the best of Georgia's grassfed beef right in front of them (free ranging in the paddock), the team at Brown Dawg were inspired to produce a pet food grind which didn't cut corners. The "All Fillet, No Filler" concept means when you buy Brown Dawg's Best Beef Base you get all the goodness from the whole animal.

Included in the Best Beef Base is nothing but beef. It includes all the best cuts - the loin, the rib, the sirloin. Did you know the best beef cuts come from the centre, the meat gets more tender the further away from the hoof the cut comes from. Brown Dawg's Best Beef Base uses all the tender and tasty meat parts.

For added nutrition our Best Beef Base includes heart, liver, spleen - the organ meats (although the heart is technically all muscle) - at around 7% per serving. You can check our beef analysis on the product information here.

So don't miss out on feeding your pet some top quality, grassfed goodness which is all beef! No tricks in labeling, no plumping up of the product with grains or fillers of any description. No bone (we sell that separately). You get exactly what you pay for - 100% beef, grassfed, Georgia grown.

Check us out now -

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