Untangling the leash

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Brown Dawg is taking a test walk and untangling the leashes as we go!

Say "Hi"

Feeling super excited right now as the little team here at Brown Dawg Bites whack the paw down on the the publish button. Woah! Fingers (paws) crossed you all love how we look. We are in what would be called the "soft launch" phase - you know - that part where you untangle the leash and try and straighten everything out. Let us know if you spot something or just say "Hi" via social media or direct on the website.

What's the plan you ask?

We have found the source of some of the best grassfed beef in Georgia and we have decided to start small and share this awesome goodness. Brown Dawg has been testing it for the last few weeks and gives it his top rated drool. If you want to be the first dog in line for our super beef grind then leave your email address on our website and we will let you know when the goods are ready to go.

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