Brown Dawg's Best Beef Base is simple, natural, grassfed goodness.

All fillet, no filler. We use all the premium meat cuts to create this base - along with the beef liver, beef heart, beef spleen and beef kidney.


Then, we add .... nothing - no fillers, no grains, no antibiotics. You can add what you need - veges, fruit and grab some of our raw meaty bones to make sure all the nutrition needs are met.


We know your dog is as individual as you are so we don’t tell you what is best or what is balanced for your dog. We do make sure we know exactly where the meat comes from, how it is raised and where it is processed. 


What you get from us is the best of Georgia's grassfed (365 days per year) beef, along with the liver, kidney, spleen and heart. We 100% guarantee this is nothing but beef. Check our product analysis for all the good info. 


Ground for versatility and all types of pet mouths.


Packed in 2lb tubes - easy to handle and easy to see the best quality beef in Georgia. 


Ingredients: Beef, liver, kidney, spleen, heart. 

Best Bulk Buy - All Fillet, No Filler 12 lb Pack

SKU: 1010
  • Q. What's Inside?

    A. We have created a 100% beef grind. This is a human grade grind. We include organ meats for additional nutrition - approximately 7% combined Heart, Kidney, Liver, Spleen.

    Q. Where do you source your beef?

    A. Our beef is sourced from grass-fed pasture based farms. We do not use charcoal (no denaturing). We can 100% track EXACTLY where our beef comes from.

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