Cats love great food too! In fact cats are obligate carnivores. Our grind is suitable for all cats and is the cream of the beef world. Grassfed, pasture raised, packed with taurine. We use all the best cuts from the animal - sirloin, eye fillet, rump, plus organ meat.


This is human grade beef processed in a USDA approved facility. 


If the best is what you want for your cat grab our Princess Pack  - 4lbs of Georgia's Best Grassfed Beef.


There is no filler, no preservative, no additive and no bone. Fine grind for easy handling and eating. 


Fresh Frozen. Thaw before feeding.


Princess Pack - 4lbs

Princess Pack
  • Q. What's Inside? 

    A. We have created a 100% beef grind. This is a human grade grind. We include organ meats for additional nutrition - approximately 7% combined Heart, Kidney, Liver, Spleen.

    Q. Where do you source your beef?

    A. Our beef is sourced from grass-fed pasture based farms.  We do not use charcoal (no denaturing). We can 100% track EXACTLY where our beef comes from.



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