Our product is frozen when fresh and we are shipping it frozen so we ship primarily on a Monday (with exception of when a Monday is a public holiday) or Tuesday so that your order will be delivered during the workweek. We do midweek orders when possible if we can ensure they will be delivered without concern of delay.


We take every precaution to ensure your order arrives in the best condition and we pack accordingly. On occasion - in very hot weather - you may find some of the product has thawed slightly. If this is the case simply transfer the product straight to your freezer (you can even leave it in the white box it arrives in). There is no concern with refreezing the meat. 


In short we can't take returns. If there is a recall of our products - which is extremely unlikely - we will let all our customers know and ask you to safely dispose of any remaining goods. We will then refund you for your last order.

If you find there is a reason you are dissatisfied with the product or the condition in which it arrives then we will do our best to remedy the situation either via a refund or replacement. Will need to understand exactly what has happened so it does not happen to any other customer before and work with you to resolve the situation in the best possible way.